Wednesday, January 2, 2013

By George...Magick Works!

By nature I’m a passive guy, always have been and probably always will be. I tend to let whatever negativity befalls me set up residence in my life without much resistance. This may be why I was initially attracted to some Eastern forms of thought those many years ago, because you know…”A reed that bends in the wind does not break.”  Sometime after an evocation of great importance failed to materialize (you can read about this failure here) I came to realize just how passive I had become. Without the daily enactment of the evocation rituals or the manifestation of my desire, I found myself floating on a raft in and endless sea where one direction looked as good as the other. It took me quite awhile to realize that floating on an endless sea, well…to put it nicely… sucks. I needed to find a way to navigate the waters and find myself a stretch of land upon which I could set up residence. I ended up returning to magick, a practice I had dabbled in as a teenager.  I thought maybe magick could help me not only brave the ocean but get me somewhere to boot (some comments regarding my return to magick can be found here and here).
Yet, because of my rather passive nature I tend not to utilize magick very often. In fact, I quite often forget that I have this tool available to me. So…when my magick bears fruit it usually comes as a surprise and I have to remind myself that magick works. Although magick works, your desire does not always come about quickly nor does it always come about in a preferred manner. Over the last year I have been doing some reconciliation magick that has just recently borne fruit. Both my honey jar working (read here) and my Karukulla working (read here) were intended to bring about this reconciliation. While honey jar spells are typically slow acting on their own, they are even slower when not worked regularly. Since I only began to consistently work my jar about two months ago, I have no one to blame for the length of time it took for the reconciliation to occur. Needless to say, to help keep the relationship sweat, I’ll be working my jar one day a week from here on out. Though the magick worked, the reconciliation certainly did not come about in a manner that I would have chosen. A breaking point was reached where the relationship was truly and utterly in danger of ending. It took this highly charged emotional event to create a catharsis that allowed for a renewed dedication to one another.
Magick does not always work at a snail’s pace, however. I added a much needed sex magick working into the reconciliation mix two weeks ago (candle magick) and exactly one day short of two weeks after the candle operation the magick worked its mojo. Unimpressed? Well, three years have passed with no intimacy between us, so I consider this a WIN! Though I consider my sex magick operation to have worked rather quickly, magick can also work with lightning speed. On New Year’s Eve morning I performed a combination sigil and mantra money spell for a pay raise in 2013. I had to laugh out loud when I arrived at work that very evening and a co-worker, quite out of the blue, approached me and informed me that he heard I will be receiving a pay raise this coming year. Damn that was fast!
While magick has not brought me to my island yet, it is helping me steer my raft.
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