Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Meridiana: An Unbinding Spell

Oh, Meridiana, the crime was his.
He tasted of your delights and then disowned you.
Oh, Meridiana, I strip away the devil's mask unjustly forced upon you, permitting your sultry visage to freely enchant once more.
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Friday, September 21, 2012

Advanced Magick For Beginners: A Brief Review

Alan Chapman’s Advanced Magick for Beginners covers all the major subjects that one would expect to be present in a beginner’s book on magick and more besides. This is certainly a plus for the book and its readers. Unfortunately, I fear that many of the chapters may be too terse to be of any great value to the novice magickal practitioner. What is more, Mr. Chapman’s presentation of his material may not be the best for beginners. The author has taken great care to speak intelligently to his audience and has, it would seem, avoided “dumbing-down” much of his work. While this should be both appreciated and applauded of an author, it may in this case (in a book marketed to beginners of magickal practice) serve only to confound the beginner and hinder learning. Simply put, this is a book targeted for beginners of the magickal path presented in an advanced manor.

Despite these drawbacks, Advanced Magick is an excellent book if you want to get practicing magick immediately. Drawing upon a post-modern paradigm, Chapman offers many techniques and suggestions as to how magick may be performed without all of the ritualism that so often accompanies magickal practice. Of particular interest is his five step model for magical enchantment that, as he clearly demonstrates, can be applied to several modes of magickal working (viz., sympathetic magick, sigil magick, physical link magick, etc).
While I do recommend this book for the serious student of the occult, I do so with some reservations. It is most likely a work that the beginning student of the occult will need to read several times before he or she is able to absorb the nuggets of wisdom inside.
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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Lucid Dreaming Supplements (LDS) – A Preface


Lucid dreaming was something I did as a child long before I ever knew what lucid dreaming was. I was not particularly adept at the technique of becoming lucid, however.  It was typically the case that a nightmare would trigger lucidity and I would use that lucidity to wake myself from the dream. Thus, dream lucidness during childhood was a brief occurrence, lasting just long enough to scream myself back to wakefulness (only to find myself terrorized by sleep paralysis).
Later, after I had learned of lucid dreaming, I was lucky enough to have a few fully lucid encounters within the dream realm. Since I knew what was occurring, I was much more willing to spend some time exploring this inner world.  Unfortunately, the occurrences of lucidity during dreaming have been relatively few. Furthermore, as my interest in the subject of lucid dreaming has increased over the years, my ability to induce a lucid dream has decreased. As a result, I now find myself to be an unemployed oneironaut. While I have read a great deal of the literature regarding lucid dream induction techniques, none of the techniques have been successful for me (one technique that I have not adequately investigated [my bad!] involves a special wrist watch to prompt for a reality check. You can read my blog post about it here).
While my rather abysmal record of lucid dream events has left me rather discouraged, I have recently become aware of a growing segment of the lucid dreaming community advocating the use of dietary supplements to enhance the likelihood of lucid dreams (note: I did not say cause a lucid dream).  This has given me the hope I might be able to achieve my goals with a little dietary assistance.  There are quite a few supplements being touted as helpful in promoting an environment conducive to lucid dreaming. In the coming months, I will discuss a few of these and relay whether they have or have not been helpful to me in my quest for the elusive lucid dream.

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