Thursday, November 28, 2013

The Dance Of Earth Spirits

While I was cleaning out my computer recently I happened upon several files that I created ages ago but had forgotten about. Before deleting them I thought I would post them here. 

This morning I drove my wife to our veterinarian. As I waited outside in the van I thought that I, being in a rather isolated mountainous area, would work with some earth energy (Franz Bardon style). After completing my meditations, I began to notice my surroundings more vividly and became more aware than usual of the living energy of the neighboring trees and grasses. While observing the scenery I got the impression of something playful weaving around the trunks of the trees. Shortly thereafter, I got the impression of something else dwelling near the ground, at the base of the trees. It was the impression of something very old. It was not a negative impression, but I did feel a little queasy in its presence. I then decided to observe the trees near me. The closest tree gave me the impression that it wanted to be played with. I instantly felt the desire to go up to the tree and feel its needles and bark. I wanted to climb into it. I thought that if I were a child I most certainly would have spent some time exploring this tree. A short distance behind this tree grew two others. The impressions I got from these two were somewhat mixed. They seemed friendly enough but rather preoccupied. They were of different varieties and their limbs were intertwined. The impression I got was that they were new lovers, too busy with themselves to be bothered by me. To their left were two other trees whose limbs were somewhat also intertwined. They too were a couple, but were not new to each other … they had grown old together. The biggest and dominant of the two partially obscured the smaller from my view (though I don't recall having this thought at the time, I think now that the big dominate one was the female of the pair). While I received no negative impression from this couple, I clearly sensed that they wanted to be left alone.

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