Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Calling All Sorcerers, Witches and Workers of Magick!

What clandestine act of sorcery are you currently brewing in your cauldron? Are you working to seduce your best friend’s gal/guy? Are you conjuring some demon hoping that it will grace you with a gazillion dollars? Whatever self serving magical act you are doing ... STOP IT NOW! Let us, the magical community, do something to bring those responsible for the Boston Marathon bombings to justice. Let’s get this/these predator/s identified and incarcerated as quickly as possible. So…say a prayer, light a candle, construct a sigil, contact your spiritual buddies or beseech your favorite god/goddess. Whatever, your method of working, let your next magical act be directed towards the IDENTIFICATION AND CAPTURE of the party/parties responsible for the callous act of violence at the Boston Marathon.
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