Saturday, July 3, 2010

Let's Do Some Blog Magic (Attention: this entry has uncharged encrypted content)

I have been rather intrigued by the notion of Internet magic so I thought I would give it a try. The experiment below is rather infantile compared to some of the stuff floating around in cyberspace, but a beginner must begin, well, at the beginning. Do not worry, the sigil below is extremely innocuous. I am simply asking to receive something of minor significance within the month of July, 2010. I have encrypted a date within the sigil below to prevent its activation at a later date by future readers (if there are any).

I ask your help in firing this sigil off. You can fire it with any method you prefer, but I would like you to consider trying a method I have devised and labeled "The Volumitus Method." The term Volumitus was formed by the combination of the Latin terms volucris (bird) and fremitus (humming). It is a crude attempt to mimic the English hummingbird. Why? Because when I was practicing the technique, the image of a hummingbird came to mind.

The Technique of The Volumitus Method:

Place your index fingers in your ears to plug them up. Breathe in deeply and begin to hum as you look at the sigil. The hum should be of a deep tone produced near the back of the throat, similar to the sound of Buddhist monks chanting the "m" sound at the end of "OM." Your humming should be a continuous sound. As you gaze at the sigil, just concentrate on the sound of the hum as it vibrates within your head. Keep producing this continuous hum for as long as you comfortably can. When you run out of breath and your hum stops, the sigil is fired. Turn your browser away from my blog and do whatever you like. Oh yeah, unplug your ears now.

I could explain the theory behind this technique, but my doing so might prevent some of you who do not buy into it from participating. Just do it! The technique does what it is intended to do.

After July has ended I will divulge my sigilized intention and comment on the effectiveness of this working.

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