Sunday, July 25, 2010

Banishing the Demon Retalitonis

Recently I have come to recognize the workings of a “demon” in my life. Where this “demon” came from and how it got its talons securely fastened to my astral and mental bodies are a mystery. But the whys and hows are really not important. Its presence in my life is not wanted and I WILL to be rid of it. While my awareness of its presence has diminished its power over me to a large degree, I still hear it whisper in my ear now and then. So, I plan to wage war with the damn thing and excise it from my life through a proper banishing (or series of banishings).

Below is a brief portrayal of the “demon.” It is undertaken in the hopes that it might be recognized should one be unfortunate enough to find it lurking within the shadows of one’s own life.

DEMON’S NAME: Retalitonis


DEMON’S SPHERE OF INFLUENCE: (Within the host) Retalitonis has power over the astral and mental bodies. (Targets external to the host) Retalitonis attacks its victim’s astral and mental bodies alike. Retalitonis is particularly strong within family dynamics.

DEMON’S ABILITIES: Retalitonis causes its host to strike back at an individual due to some perceived wrong. Typically this is made presentable to the host by dressing up the attack under the guise of “teaching the perpetrator a lesson.” The attack is further made palatable on account that the desire “to teach” is not initially seen as vindictive by the host. The host is tricked into believing that he/she is “waking the perpetrator up” and “showing the perpetrator the truth of the matter.” An argument that demonstrates the perpetrator’s folly in regards to the host is a vehicle especially favored by Retalitonis. Retalitonis takes secret delight in the thought that it just might be causing some mental anguish in the perpetrator due to such an argument. Perhaps the most insidious aspect of Retalitonis is its ability to cause emotional withdrawl between the host and the perpetrator alike.



Robert said...

I've been thinking about this all day. It is a bit presumptuous for me to say what this is or isn't. However, sometimes we project our issues into living forms. Sometimes our issues stem from living forms. There are many forms of forms, not all of them demons that could have an effect. calling it a demon seems to give it a lot of psychological power and may make it harder to get rid of.

You may want to pick up Uncle Ramsey's Little Book of Demons. he is a chaos mage but I really liked this little gem. It may give you some ideas.

Karmaghna said...

Robert- Please note that I place the word "demon" in scare quotes to note its special use. I have indeed projected a psychic issue into an exterior form, quite intentionally. It is a form of Ego Magic set forth by some Chaos practitioners. The idea is that by exteriorizing and giving form to an inner psychic issue one can more easily recognize and work toward removing the complex.