Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Set Your Watch For A Reality Check

As some of you may be aware (if you have been reading my posts), I am interested in dreamwork, especially lucid dreaming. As such, I am always on the lookout for techniques for inducing lucid dreams. A few weeks ago I wrote about the possibility of using binaural beats to stimulate the onset of lucidity (read that post here). Today, I would like to offer a technique that came to me the other day while scavenging through my cluttered desk. While I was searching for something in the clutter of a desk drawer I came across and old wrist watch that I had bought for my daughter years ago. This is not a typical watch that can be purchased at Walmart, however. It is a watch specifically designed to aid individuals with timed reminders, such as medication taking, bedwetting issues, etc. The specific watch that I have is called “VibraLite 3.” There are other versions of the VibraLite at varying prices. Below is a product description of the VibraLite3 taken from a seller’s web page.
The VibraLITE3 vibrating watch provides a great silent reminder. It features an auto restart countdown mode that vibrates at any time interval you choose (e.g., every two hours). The watch vibrates for approximately 20 seconds, and then automatically resets itself to count down again. Easily pause the countdown timer when a reminder is not needed, and restart it without having to program your interval again! Works great when a silent alert is desired at fixed intervals. You may choose sound and/or vibration or even turn the alarm off without resetting the countdown timer
So, how do I see this watch as an aid to lucid dreaming? Wear the watch with a reminder alarm set to any desired interval, say for example an hour (my preferred interval). Every time the alarm goes off, perform a reality check (of course pause the timer when sleeping and whenever necessary). Hopefully, the timed repetition of reality checks will increase your chances of a reality check while dreaming. Moreover, chances are that at some point the watch itself will enter your dreams and signal for a reality check.

*I am not affiliated with VibraLite nor do I receive any compensation for the sale of VibraLite.

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