Monday, September 15, 2014

I'm Training in The KKK

"Personal Training at a Gym - Cable Crossover" by CC BY-SA 3.0

Did I get your attention? Good. I'm not joining the Ku Klux Klan, however, but rather going to begin working through Peter J. Carroll's systematic magical training program entitled Liber KKK (Here KKK stands for Kaos Keraunos Kybernetos, which Caroll translates as "The Chaos Thunderbolt Steers All Things"). Some time back I posted that I was about to work through a magical manual/training program written by Geof Gray-Cobb - namely, his The Miracle of New Avatar Power (you can read that here). While I had every intention of doing so, the more I read of the material and worked with the system (albeit, only in its beginning stages) the more I began to realize that this method of approaching magic was not for me. I know I will be chastised by many for not having the determination to work the system once chosen, but try as I might, I could not follow this system and be intellectually honest with myself. The rituals seemed hokey to me and I could not bring myself to believe in the existence of the entities that facilitated their success. So, I now find myself about to embark on a journey through Liber KKK. I have actually wanted to work through Liber KKK for some time but for whatever reasons never did so. Now is a good time. I must admit though, the pace at which I will complete the exercises will be painfully slow. There is no need for me to rush through the work. I wish to savor the workings and drink them in like a fine wine. Before I begin the first stage or "Conjuration One" of Carroll's work, however, I will set out to devise a suitable banishing ritual for myself. I'm not fond of The Gnostic Banishing Ritual (suggested by Carroll), and while I find The Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram a powerful and effective banishing ritual, I can not share in its effectiveness since I remain outside those currents of magic for which it is best suited.

While magical diaries are advocated by most practicing magicians, I can not bring myself to use them. In lieu of a diary, I will use this blog to record some of my successes and failures along the way. Hopefully, someone will find something I record to be helpful.  


Jason Miller, said...

Liber KKK is AWESOME. I did it twice and might actually do it again.

More of a proving ground than a training ground though.

Urscumug said...

So, did you go through?

Karmaghna said...

I'm a little embarrassed to admit it, but no. I started the work by creating my own banishing ritual, but life somehow got in the way. It is on my to-do list, though. When I do get around to it I will be sure to create a blog post about each step accomplished.