Saturday, September 21, 2013

Air Travel, A Tree Spirit and Cake.

I've probably mentioned this at least once or twice over the years, but I hate flying...with a passion! I'll do it of course, if I absolutely have to, but I'd rather drive irrespective of the distance and travel time. So, when I find that I can't avoid air travel I always take along my Archangel Michael Golden Coin and ask Michael for protection during my travels. This time around, however, I got a little unexpected protection from a spirit that manifested in the branches of a tree as I lay gazing out the window hours before my flight.
At first the spirit's "face" seemed pleasant enough, but gradually it began to shift into what I perceived to be a more sinister expression. So, I was a little leery when the "spirit" offered to make sure I was unharmed during my travels. Of course, spirits oftentimes demand compensation for their assistance. This "spirit" did not disappoint! It asked for a "special offering" in exchange for its services. I immediately turned it down as I did not like the sound of "special offering." However, after considering its offer for a minute and realizing that I might be too quick to judge, I decided to enquire as to what it wanted. It wanted me to eat a piece of white cake upon my safe return home. WTF? I mean a piece of white cake. That certainly took me by surprise. Well, anyway, the agreement was made.
Above is a pic of the "cake" I had to choke down when I got back safely (It's coconut cream pie and not technically a cake, but I got the feeling that it would be acceptable despite not being what the "spirit" had initially intended). I have some suspicions as to why it chose this form of payment. Probably had something to do with requiring me to undermine some body magic I am currently engaged in. In this respect it was a little sinister after all.

What strange form of payment has a spirit requested of you?

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