Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Body Magic and Temporary Tattoos

I am currently in the beginning stages of planning out some body magic and thought it would be helpful if I placed one or more appropriately designed sigils on my body during the course of my working. There are numerous ways this may be accomplished. One could make such temporary magical tattoos using ink pens, markers, paints, etc. If one is going to use these items on the body for a short amount of time, they are probably not going to cause much harm, except for a possible allergic reaction. However, since I am planning to keep the sigil on my body for an extended period of time, I am somewhat concerned over the possible toxicity of any substance I would leave on my skin. I found quite a bit of disagreement on the internet (go figure!) regarding the safety of using pen and marker to mark the body.   While most of the ordinary pens and markers of today are labeled “non-toxic,” they are only declared to be so when used appropriately (e.g., when used on paper, poster board, etc.). Since “skin illustration” is not included among the “appropriate” uses for these items, I am somewhat cautious about their use on my body. After looking around I found a technique for making temporary tattoos that utilizes liquid eyeliner. Since eyeliner is intended to be placed on the skin, I figure it’s one of the better choices with respect to safety. Additionally, as some of the instructional videos illustrating this technique demonstrate, they can look very much like an authentic black/uncolored tattoo.
The items needed for this type of temporary tattoo are:
1. Liquid eyeliner
2. Powder
3. Tracing paper/wax paper (for the non-artist like me)
4. Liquid or spray bandage
5. Rubbing alcohol.    Although neither of the videos linked below shows this, you might consider cleaning the area where you are placing the tattoo with alcohol beforehand.
Rather than try to explain the technique, I have included below two videos that adequately demonstrate this method for making temporary tattoos.
When I begin my body magic, this is the technique that I will be utilizing. If you use another method of generating temporary tattoos, please share it in the comments. 

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D.S. Chaos said...

Body sigils can be great, especially when doing work on others. Depending on your own style, these can be placed at whatever points you see appropriate for the work. I consider it to be like using sub-spells to build the foundation for a larger piece of work. I've had stunning results with it and would definitely consider it to be a useful tool (albeit infrequent) in my practice.