Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Working With The Expansive Energies Of Jupiter

Working with the sphere of Jupiter can be rewarding. Since Jupiter’s energies are primarily concerned with expansion and increase, they facilitate “the more” in one’s life and thus can lead to wealth, prosperity and abundance (among other outcomes). For those among you who plan to work with Jupiter to attain this “abundance,” I would just like to offer a word of caution and some advice.

While your Jupiter working may be intended to bring about a positive outcome, you should be fully aware that the energies of Jupiter are quite capable of manifesting unintentional and unwanted negative side effects through your magic. My recent encounter with Jupiterian energies is a good case in point. Having recently found myself burdened with some unexpected debt, I was quite pleased to receive a general Jupiter blessing from Rufus Opus, author of Head For The Red blog (link to the blessing). The day after receiving this blessing it became clear to me that my debt would easily be accommodated. I would be able to pay off the debt by tapping into some vacation pay. This was a sweet deal. A harder pill to swallow was that I also found myself “asked” to pick up an additional shift at work for a couple of weeks. This expansion of my weekly wages, however, though helpful, came at a cost – working sixty-five hours a week for an undetermined period of time. The expansion of my work week was not only unintentional but unwanted as well. I have come to consider it as negative fallout from RO’s blessing.
My brief brush with the energies of Jupiter, while not entirely pleasant, has been informative. I have learned something of the sphere of Jupiter and wish to pass my meager reflections on to you, especially with respect to mitigating some of the negative fallout that may be experienced through working with Jupiter’s energies.
Prior to any Jupiter operation one should ask him or herself a few simple questions.
1. Do I need more?
2. Do I want more?

3. Can I handle more?

If you can answer “yes” to 1-3 or 2 and 3, any negative ramifications of your Jupiter working should be minimal. If you cannot, then I suggest you rethink your desire for “the more” of Jupiter. You can certainly do a Jupiter working if you can answer “yes” to 1 and 3, but the negative repercussions will be substantially higher.

Lastly, make sure you provide some intended avenues through which the expansive energies of Jupiter can flow. In my case, the energies of Jupiter where not directed (i.e., general blessing) and they took the easiest path to manifestation through my only source of income – my job. In other words, make sure any Jupiter working has an intended and specified sphere or field to expand. But be sure to have these spheres or fields in place before the Jupiter working, as Jupiter’s energies often come on quickly.

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