Wednesday, December 8, 2010

To Heal Or Not To Heal - That Was The Question.

Recently I received notice that a family member is terminally ill and that she is expected to live only a couple of months. Upon hearing the news I was initially quite resigned to her eventual passing. I simply accepted her doctor’s prognosis and considered her plight to be an unalterable condition caused by cells run amok. But then I thought, “Unalterable condition? By what authority do I deem a situation to be unalterable?” I could come up with no good answer to this question. It then occurred to me that if magic works, I mean if it really works, then there is a chance that my magic could change the course of events for this individual. I am ashamed to admit that I was at first somewhat reluctant to commit myself towards magical healing. A whole host of thoughts plagued my mind. Probably the most determining factor was a lack of connection to this individual. We are not particularly close and have not spoken to each another in twenty-some-odd years. In other words, I was somewhat apathetic to her suffering. I also considered the magical probability of altering her illness at this late stage to be very low. Since I am just starting a magical career, would not a major magical failure be detrimental to my practice? Besides, I doubted myself and my magical abilities. How could anything I do have an effect? At some point I was taken aback by these thoughts. Was I really that callous? Was I really more concerned about the effects of a botched healing on my practice (if that should occur) than with the health of a family member? Eventually I mustered the emotional empathy to do a working on her behalf by recognizing that we are connected despite our alienation and that her death will have a impact on those who love her.

Because I am a relative newcomer to magic my repertoire of healing techniques is severely limited. I have been doing some sigil work (both graphic and mantric varieties) and plan to begin working with Bhaisajyaguru (the Medicine/Healing Buddha) and his mantra within a day or two. I now realize that my failure to do something would be far more detrimental to me that any failed magical endeavor could be. If my tenacity will allow, I plan to continue working on her behalf until I hear or her recovery or death.


Frater Adservio said...

I highly recommend that you do your utmost to bring healing to this individual. I was in a similar situation once, when my father was dying of cancer and I, as a novice to magic(k), did nothing to try and bring aid or relief. I hesitated out of fear, and of doubt, and I payed an emotional toll of guilt later. It would be better for you to fail than to do nothing, in my opinion.

On a more practical level, you could try to learn the basics of Reiki to try and bring healing. It is possible to find individuals who will offer the necessary attunements online for low or no cost, and I can say from my experience that they do work quite well. You could seek to work with the Archangel Raphael, the Divine Physician, through evocation, meditation, pathworking, prayer or any other means.

Pallas Renatus said...

I think that the idea of "oh, I'm a newcomer, so I'm not in a position to do anything" is just cleverly-disguised inertia. Props for heading that impulse off.

Karmaghna said...

@Frater Adservio
While I have no real amount of emotional involvement with this individual, guilt would have been my companion for sure had I done nothing. I have never had an interest in learning Reiki ... until now.

@Pallas Renatus
Thanks for the "props" but I don't feel I deserve any. I am still sorting out why my initial reaction was to do accept the situation as a unalterable natural event. I think my initial reaction stems from a deeply entrenched character flaw that I have been progressively working tendency to be acquiescent.

Layo said...

I tried to heal someone I didn't know, but he died. I don't regret praying for him though. I did work for my husband's sister and she made a complete recovery, though in that case the cancer had been caught early, and the concern was that she be able to get a certain therapy despite gall bladder necrosis that required emergency removal (which she did). I don't know if what I did had any influence, but I'm glad I did it. I'd like to be able to help people.