Monday, August 30, 2010

My Pendulum Lied!

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Recently, I posted about my inaugural pendulum working. The initial post can be found here. Having some free time the other day, I spent the morning searching (again!) my bedroom closet for the missing book. I am sad to say that the book I am looking for, contrary to what the pendulum told me, was not to be found in the closet. I was really hoping that the missing book would turn up in that closet. Not only would I have found the book, but I would have gained a little faith in the efficacy of pendulum dowsing. The experiment was not a complete waste of time, however. I did find something worthwhile to read and a sigil whose intent has long been forgotten (a method for working with forgotten sigils can be viewed here). While I do plan on activating this sigil, no record of the sigil’s intent could be located. As a result, I will not be able to verify whether the intent of the sigil does or does not manifest.

Some off-the-cuff reasons for the failure:

1. Pendulum dowsing does not work.

2. My make-shift nut pendulum sucks.

3. My inexperience in pendulum dowsing was the culprit.

4. The book is really in the closet but my Harry Potter Invisibility Cloak is lying on top of it.

* If you are an experienced dowser and have some suggestions, I would love to hear from you.


Anonymous said...

Your focus/clarity was overridden by something else that had been around longer. You previous wanted to work on old sigils and somewhere in you, you remembered that you had one in your closet with no intent written down.

If you were specific on the type of book, either the one you found is better for you or the book will show up in your closet at a later date. There might have been a screw up of the temporal aspect of the asking. If you haven't specified the current time and date when asking, try that.

You could also try using the pendulum as a projector for the book to be brought to you. Either it will move to you to find or your attention will move to find it.

You might want to check with the pendulum if it isn't being 'covered' by an illusion/misdirection from a nature spirit, like a gnome or a fairy or some unremoved energy that was hanging around and it vanished to reappear somewhere/somewhen else.


Terminator said...

Completely Agree with Theo !!!