Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Whys and Wherefores

First, let me welcome you to The Magical Lotus. This is all very new to me so I pray that you will be patient with me as I learn the skills of blogging.

On with the show-

Once upon a time, I set out to accomplish a most difficult and time consuming act of magic - to become a college professor. I spent years working all the correct rituals. While I am not pleased with how I performed many of the rituals, most were done with sufficient enough grace to allow me to advance to the status of ABD (all but dissertation) at the Ph.D. level. Just as I was about to reap the rewards of my magical pursuit, something went wrong with my spell casting and the magic failed to materialize. The reasons for the abortion of my magical project have been well analyzed and come to grips with. They will not be spoken of here. What is important to mention here is the effect my magical failure had upon me. My failure to materialize a near life-time desire left me in a rather dark place. I more-or-less packed up my books, publishing projects, and anything else that reminded me of the life I was not going to lead and hid them away, both physically and mentally. I became stagnant in many ways.

Recently, I have turned my attention to the WMT (Western Mystery Tradition) and have received a little inspiration to explore some virgin territory (much of this inspiration has come via those whose blogs I follow). The territory I speak of here is primarily Western forms of "High Magick" (I am well versed in several forms of Eastern "High Magick") and sorcery (a form of magic that I have tended to neglect in the past).

In essence, this blog is a minor act of magic. It is intended to function not only as an "outer" magical diary, but as means of delivering me from the darkness of failed magic and, hopefully, a way of manifesting a few friends along the way.