Saturday, May 28, 2016

Please, Throw Away Your Trash

Embrace every aspect of yourself, even the darkest, most painful and wicked parts of your psyche. Become a whole human being, not a fragmented creature who is in denial of the trash they house within ... love yourself, every bit of you. Such a position is not a new one, but it is one that I have been coming across as of late and thought I'd very briefly comment on.

The argument runs something like this: The goodness that many think they are is a lie, a falsehood, a sham created  in order to make themselves appear good and righteous, both to others and to themselves. This lie, this denial of the darker aspects of the self ( i.e., the shadow) bifurcates the psyche and causes a whole host of mental, emotional, and physical problems. By becoming conscious of the shadow and embracing it, one becomes whole and healthier. Moreover, one lives in truth rather than a lie.

With just a little bit of honest introspection I'm sure we can all find some previously undiscovered trash scattered about our minds. We are indeed deluding ourselves if we think our house is clean. Becoming conscious of the shadow is indeed important. But being conscious of the shadow is not the same thing as accepting and welcoming the darker aspects of the shadow into one's life. I find the very notion that we should love and accept ourselves (and that others should love and accept us) just as we are, trashy-dark-shadow side included, to be rather repulsive. Trash stinks! By accepting one's trash and permitting it to remain one will always stink. I believe it would be more healthy (and sanitary) if people would locate the trash housed within their psyche and haul it to the dumpster where it belongs. "Personal growth," ... I think that's what it's called.

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